Random Act of Kindness - Kind Like Keris Card

Print Happy Ohio


Available Now!

Print Happy will be making these cards available at our cost in hopes that the kindness of Keris can continue on forever. They are 2 x 3.5" thin metal cards, the size of a business card.


Brighten Someone's Day!

Pair these cards with your Random Acts of Kindness.

We can't make sense of losing Keris but we can choose how we react and continue on in her spirit.

  • Write a hand-written note
  • Give someone a High Five
  • Call an old friend
  • Visit an elderly neighbor
  • Surprise someone with baked goods
  • Offer to assist an elderly neighbor
  • Leave quarters at a vending or bubble gum machine 
  • Give waitstaff a generous tip
  • Thank someone for impacting your life
  • Offer compliments   
  • Give clothing or food to someone in need
  • Donate blood


  • Volunteer your time to a local non-profit
  • Clean up a local park